Home Politics 2016 Presidential Campaign Democrats Build “Happy Wall Of Tolerance” Around Philadelphia Convention

    Democrats Build “Happy Wall Of Tolerance” Around Philadelphia Convention


    PHILADELPHIA, PA – As Democrats convene their national convention to formally nominate Hillary Clinton this week in Philadelphia, they’ll be doing so from behind the safety and security of an eight foot tall, four mile long protective wall, which the Democrat National Committee describes as “a happy wall of love and tolerance”.

    The wall, topped with razor wire and featuring machine-gun equipped guard towers every fifty feet or so, will be adorned with cute colorful logos, posters, and slogans long embraced as helpful tools of propaganda by the Democrat Party.

    “There will be at least three images of a smiling Hillary Clinton posted on the wall for every sniper tower and at least five warm, happy, progressive slogans talking about peace, tolerance, and diversity for every “TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT!” sign mounted under one of those sniper perches,” noted a DNC representative involved in the massive wall construction effort. “And every loosed guard dog will be wearing an adorable little Hope, Change, and Hillary collar as he goes about the ugly but necessary business of ripping any trespassers to shreds.”

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