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President Obama Interrupts Vacation To Take A Vacation


MARTHA’S VINYARD, MA – The White House has confirmed that President Obama has interrupted his rigorous summer vacation schedule in order to embark upon an “emergency vacation” in which he and his family will be flown from Martha’s Vineyard to Venice, Italy, for what one well placed Presidential aide describes as “an emergency gelato”.

“After many long weeks of grueling golf, swimming, and sand castle building in various exotic and incredibly expensive locations, the President needed a break,” explained the White House aide on condition of anonymity. “With all the time spent in the sun swinging golf clubs and strolling along seashores in top tier vacation spots across the globe, the President found himself in dire need of an authentic gelato from Venice.”

“So, quite obviously, this necessitated interrupting his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard to fly him and his family directly to Italy.”

White House officials confirmed that the President would resume his Martha’s Vineyard vacation once his Italian getaway was complete.

“Once he squeezes in this quick intercontinental gelato run, he’ll be back to finish things up in Martha’s Vineyard just before heading out to Disney World.”

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