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Roving Horde Of Community Activists Loots, Burns And Pillages To Promote Peace And Social Justice


CHARLOTTE, NC – Rampaging hordes of community activists have looted, burned, and pillaged much of downtown Charlotte in an effort to promote peace and social justice.

Crowds of looters ransacked a local Wal-Mart after shutting down a nearby Interstate and looting a convoy of trucks, setting some on fire while shouting chants ranging from “No Justice, No Peace!” to “Die, Cracker Scum!”

While most looters made no attempt to explain the connection between the pursuit of social justice and stealing a 55″ flat screen television from the electronics department before Molotov cocktailing the store on their way out the door, some did take a moment to smile or flash a peace sign for cameras.

“The violence just has to end,” explained one apparently jubilant looter while hoisting a large bag of stolen DVDs and video games over his shoulder.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

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