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American Christians Pray For Trump To Literally Massacre Clinton In Debate


HEMPSTEAD, NY – With D-Day here and zero hour fast approaching, millions of professing Christians in America are fervently praying that God will grant Donald Trump the strength to do whatever is necessary to crush, humiliate, and utterly destroy Hillary Clinton at tonight’s debate at Hofstra University.

“I just can’s stand the thought of a Hillary presidency,” explained “lifelong conservative Christian” Barbi O’Tool in an emotional post made at one of the thousands of Facebook forums dedicated to lifting up GOP anti-Christ Donald Trump over Democrat anti-Christ Hillary Clinton. “I know that Trump is about as biblically illiterate, pro-LGBT, pro-vice, pro-pride, and unrepentantly dismissive of the lordship of Christ as is humanly possible, but at least he’s a Republican.”

“If we’re gonna have an anti-Christ to rule over us, I just think it’s really, really important that they be a Republican.”

“The thought of a pro-LGBT, pro-vice, biblically illiterate, pro-pride, anti-repentance Democrat like Hillary being in charge just makes my head feel like it’s going to explode.”

“Only a Republican anti-Christ has any chance of making America great again, so I beg you all to join me in praying hard for Donald to do to Hillary what he’s already done to the institution of marriage and credibility of Christianity in Republican Party politics.”

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