Home Business Black Friday Officially Extended To Cover Second Half Of November

Black Friday Officially Extended To Cover Second Half Of November


NEW YORK, NY – Black Friday has officially become Black Second-Half-Of-November.

With Black Friday themed sales and events now often beginning days or even weeks before the traditional day after Thanksgiving and extending well into December, several of the nation’s largest retailers have agreed to formally extend the range of Black Friday to cover the entire second half of November, with plans reportedly in the works to absorb the first half of December by 2019.

“We’ve found that there’s a practically insatiable appetite in America for things like moderately discounted waffle irons and poorly made-in-China garbage so long as its attached to the term ‘Black Friday’,” explained one corporate retail executive on condition of anonymity. “So why limit the Black Friday experience to one Friday?”

“I mean, besides the obvious linguistic meaning of the word ‘Friday’.”

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