Home Politics Trump Clarifies That He Intends To “Repaint” Rather Than “Repeal” ObamaCare

Trump Clarifies That He Intends To “Repaint” Rather Than “Repeal” ObamaCare

trumpbamacareNEW YORK, NY – President-elect Donald Trump is once again reiterating that he intends to replace much more of ObamaCare than he intends to repeal, and that whatever is repealed is very likely to be replaced in short order by federal controls and programs crafted by a Republican-controlled Washington DC.

“We’ve always said we needed to replace ObamaCare rather than just repeal it,” explained one highly placed Trump staffer. “The key to making America great again isn’t the elimination or even the reduction of socialist projects like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and ObamaCare. The key to making these programs work is having a Republican administer them.”

“After so many decades of Republican-led growth in the size and scope of federal governmental power over Americans, you’d think people would understand this basic principle by now.”

“We’re not here to actually oppose the Democrat Party in meaningful ways when it comes to socialist programs like public schools, Social Security, and socialized medicine. We’re here to make these socialist constructs more palatable to people claiming to be conservative, that’s all.”


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