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Teacher Claims To “Love And Respect” Christianity As Long As It’s Redefined To Accommodate His Anti-Christian Views


SACRAMENTO, CA – A highly regarded local science teacher is proclaiming his “deep love and respect” for Christianity, so long as Christianity is “redefined to accommodate the many fundamentally anti-Christian beliefs that I and so many others hold dear”.

Melvin Finklestein, a three time Teacher of the Year award winner and revered faculty member at Sacramento’s Joe Goebbels High published what he calls a “Statement of Respect for Christianity” on his Facebook page and in two local newspapers.

He also handed out hard copies to fellow faculty members and to students in each of his classes in an attempt to “help foster a spirit of tolerance and inclusion for all religions, including Christianity, so long as said religions conform to and accommodate the deeply held anti-Christian positions that I hold on issues like the legitimacy of homosexuality, the right to murder babies for convenience via abortion, and the right to worship any god, including Satan or Hillary Clinton, freely and openly in America.”

“We need to take a stand and show some respect for Christianity,” Finklestein explained. “So long as it embraces everything I think it ought to embrace.”

“Isn’t that what tolerance is all about?”

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