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Pope Keeps Dedicating Things To Mary


VATICAN CITY – In a continued effort to remind anyone paying any attention at all that he is in no way, shape, or form advocating anything remotely resembling the Christian religion or worldview, Pope Francis keeps dedicating things to Mary.

After “consecrating the world to Mary’s immaculate heart” late last year, the Pope opened 2017 by dedicating it to – you guessed it – Mary.

“We are very pleased by the example set by the Holy Father – and by “Holy Father” I mean the Pope and not God the Father,” explained a high ranking church/cult official while caressing a string of beads and mumbling some sort of mantra under his breath. “To see the way that so many hundreds of millions of people have been led to embrace the rank idolatry of Mary and other iconic figures in Roman Catholicism just makes my heart swell with joy and happiness.”

“What a great accomplishment!”

“That Holy Father of ours is something else, isn’t he!?”

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