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BBC Blames Catastrophically Awful Sherlock Season 4 On Russian Hacking

NoExcusesSherlockLONDON, ENGLAND – The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is blaming Russian hackers for what is coming to be known as a catastrophically awful Season 4 of Sherlock.

The pre-release leaking on the Internet of Episode 3 – The Final Problem has been highlighted by the BBC as the reason for Sherlock‘s dramatic downturn in ratings as it wrapped Season 4 last weekend.

“Clearly, the Russians are to blame for everything bad and unartistic in the world,” explained a senior BBC official on condition of anonymity. “From the election of Donald Trump to the plunging ratings of our beloved Sherlock, there can be no doubt that the root of all evil is Russian hacking.”

When asked if it was even remotely possible that Sherlock‘s downward ratings trajectory in Season 4 was due to the stone-cold stupid story arc or mind-blowingly moronic recasting of Sherlock Holmes as some sort of god-like, super-mutant freak embarking upon adventures so bizarre and unbelievable that they make Batman vs. Superman look quite sedate and reasonable, the BBC official pretended not to hear any of the question.

“Did I mention that Russians are brutish, uncultured barbarians who hate all that is good and noble?”

“And that they really shouldn’t have Internet access at all?”

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