Home Politics Leftists Recast Second Amendment As “Right To Shoot Republicans”

Leftists Recast Second Amendment As “Right To Shoot Republicans”


WASHINGTON, DC – In the wake of today’s attempted murder of multiple Republican Congressmen and staffers at the hand of a profoundly deranged anti-Trumper, groups of profoundly deranged anti-Trumpers are moving to recast the second amendment as “the right to shoot Republicans”.

“Hey look, if you had the chance to go back in time and shoot Hitler before he could get his program off the ground in Germany, you’d do it without hesitation,” explained a loyal member of the Leftist Antifa movement on condition of anonymity as to avoid consequences related to any of the flagrantly illegal and destructive behavior that they routinely advocate and practice. “The best reason I can think of for owning a gun is to protect ourselves from Republicans, who, as anyone who pays attention to mainstream media knows, are Nazis.”

“And Nazis need to be taken care of, if you know what I mean,” the Antifa Progressive added while giggling and making a throat slashing gesture.

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