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Thor Angered By Rampant Abuse Of Rainbow Bridge Concept

ThorRainbowAngerSAN FRANCISCO, CA – A man that many identify as the god of thunder is upset with what he calls “the rampant abuse of the rainbow bridge concept” in the form of gender chaos affirming crosswalks and sidewalks cropping up across the country in celebration of LGBTQRSTD month.

“It’s just so ridiculous and sad,” explained a clearly exasperated and concerned Thor Odinson. “I mean, can’t these people get their own symbol? Do they really have to coopt and pervert the beauty of the bridge to Asgard in order to further their cause? I think not.”

“I’m not even really a god and this violation makes me quite angry.”

“I shudder when I think of how the real God must feel about the abuse of His rainbow symbol.”

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