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Eclipse Revealed To Be Elaborate Starfleet Hoax

EclipseHoaxROSWELL, NM – Amateur scientist patrons of a local comic shop have released information that they say proves yesterday’s eclipse was an elaborate hoax.

“It was like totally a hoax,” explained Harold Loveless, a single, childless 53-year-old basement-dwelling amateur scientist who regularly frequents The Dragon’s Lair, a Roswell area shop specializing in Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and a wide variety of other non-hygiene-related products. “That was no moon up there blocking the sun! It was the Enterprise!”

“The crew is probably still laughing at our stupidity for believing it was the moon…or that we even have a moon,” added Herbert Snivelton, another single, middle-aged amateur scientist patron of The Dragon’s Lair. “Obviously since we don’t actually have a moon, we can’t have ever landed on that moon, can we? Do you see where this all leads? Do you see how we’ve all been so profoundly deceived?”

Additional discussion with Harold and Herbert was cut short when Harold’s mom showed up to give them a ride home.

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