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Kevin Spacey Instantly Becomes Democrat Front-Runner For President

WASHINGTON, DC – Following revelations that he is both gay and probably a serial sexual predator with decades of heinous, depraved behavior on his resume, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has surged to front-runner status in the race to become the Democrat Party’s standard bearer in 2020.

“While some still imagine that credible allegations of sexual assault and rank, rampant promiscuity might hurt a person’s chance to become President in America, we have to remember that it’s the twenty-first century and we’re talking about the party of Clinton here,” explained one well known Democrat pollster on condition of anonymity.

“When you factor in that Spacey may well be one of the most charismatic sexual predators of our time, right up there with Bubba himself, it’s easy to see why he’s rocketed to the top of so many Democrats’ wish list for President.”

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