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Global Warming Found Frozen To Death In Middle Tennessee

HOHENWALD, TN – A series of record setting winter storms have taken their toll on the southeastern United States, a toll that now apparently includes the death of Global Warming, whose frozen body was found in a patch of woods just outside of Hohenwald.

“Yeah, it was really sad to see,” said Jessie Walker, a local hunter who came across the body of Global Warming while hiking through the woods near his home about two miles South of town. “He looked like he’d been frozen for a while there. His little Al Gore pin was frosted over and his eyes were kinda rolled up into his head, which was apparently left uncovered when his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ ball cap fell off or was blown away. We found it about twenty feet away from his body, so we know the hat had to be his.”

“Nobody else around here would wear anything like that.”

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