Home Business Toys R Us Admits Funding Planned Parenthood “Wasn’t The Brightest Move”

Toys R Us Admits Funding Planned Parenthood “Wasn’t The Brightest Move”

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY – With its hundreds of stores in the process of liquidating inventory as the legendary kid-linked franchise limps toward its grave, Toys R Us executives are beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, making corporate donations to Planned Parenthood “wasn’t the brightest idea”.

“In hindsight, it just might be possible that helping fund an organization that literally promotes and practices the murder of children by the millions wasn’t exactly in the best interest of a company built upon meeting the needs of children, particularly living children,” admitted one Toys R Us executive on condition of anonymity. “Maybe if we were in the business of selling things like little kiddie coffins or children’s funeral supplies, supporting Planned Parenthood might have made some sense. Unfortunately, our business was instead focused on selling things that are used by living babies and children.”

“So yeah, perhaps we didn’t think things through enough on this one.”

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