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Winnie Mandela Confirms Pope’s Error On Hell

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Just days after Pope Francis declared that there was no Hell, fellow Marxist activist Winnie Mandela appears to have inadvertently proven him wrong by dying and going there, according to numerous reports from Mandela friends who claim to be having visions of Winnie pleading in agony from a place of fiery flames reminiscent of the “necklacing” that she advocated and deployed throughout her long and bloody political career.

“Winnie spent her life fighting for the advance of Communism in Africa and she was very proud to talk and even sing about the beauty of what we call ‘necklacing’, a process of torture by which opponents of the Mandelas and Marxism would be bound, have a gasoline drenched tire placed around their neck, and then have that tire lit on fire so  their faces would slowly melt off during a long, drawn-out, and quite agonizing death,” explained one former associate of Ms. Mandela on condition of anonymity. “But at least it did end. Eventually the victims faces melted off and they finally died.”

The appallingly inhuman activity promoted by Mandela during her life on earth seems particularly relevant to many former friends who now claim to be encountering Winnie in terrifying dreams and visions.

“In my nightmares it’s like she’s being necklaced without end,” explained another former Winnie pal and Marxist activist on condition of anonymity. “The fire just goes on and on and on.”

“It’s enough to make one wonder if maybe Pope Francis and other Marxist leaders might actually be wrong about hell.”

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