Home Economy Parker Brothers Sues US Treasury For Devaluing Concept of Money

Parker Brothers Sues US Treasury For Devaluing Concept of Money


PAWTUCKET, RI – Attorneys for Parker Brothers today announced the initiation of legal action being taken against the United States Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and a long list of “Too Big To Fail” banks and businesses in order to, as the suit demands, “just make them stop typing money into existence out of thin air.”

The Hasbro subsidiary known for its many iconic board games, including Risk and Clue, took particular aim at the powers atop the present and increasingly ridiculously unreal United States’ economic construct by pointing to the damage being done to one of its flagship games, Monopoly.

The suit alleges that “by simply typing gajillions of dollars into existence out of thin air for whatever reason or no reason at all”, Monopoly, which is based on fake money that at least has to be physically printed, is being irreparably harmed.

“The very concept of money itself is becoming devalued to the point of black comedy by the self-serving ‘legal’ counterfeiters running this whole scheme,” the suit goes on to allege.

“There’s literally more real wealth involved in the production of a Monopoly dollar than there is in the production of a digital Federal Reserve Note of any denomination. Just think about that.”

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