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Beth Moore Suggests Catching Holy Spirit With Butterfly Net


HOUSTON, TX – Beth Moore, wildly popular Southern Baptist teacher and fawning friend of American Christian icons Joel and Victoria Osteen, is encouraging Christians to apprehend the Holy Spirit – the third Person of the Trinity – by using a butterfly net.

This clarification comes in light of a recent tweet in which Mrs. Moore explained that “We can’t catch the Holy Spirit with a plastic sack and make Him stay put. Where He’s carefully managed and coolly controlled, He’s quenched.”

“Things like butterfly nets are so much more appropriate,” added Moore during a teaching session at the Osteens’ Lakewood Church. “They allow for the Spirit to breathe and even get away through those little holes if He wants to.”

“We definitely don’t want to be too rigid in our management and control of the Holy Spirit.”

“We need to use sound biblical discernment.”

“And butterfly nets.”

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