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CNN Comic Accidentally Decapitates Her Career


HOLLYWOOD, CA – In an epic example of accidental career suicide, former CNN employee and self-described comic Kathy Griffin inadvertently decapitated her career when she promoted photos of her holding the bloody, disembodied head of the President of the United States.

After taking some time to gauge public sentiment in the aftermath of the photos’ release, even CNN decided that it had to act and fired Griffin yesterday. Progressives, Liberals, Leftists, and other members of the Forces of Tolerance community were shocked, not so much by the pictures of Griffin holding a hacked off Trump head, but by the fact that she’d been fired by CNN, a network that has been openly trying to decapitate President Trump since he came into office.

“Obviously, being the good liberal, progressive, tolerant gal that she is, Kathy just assumed that the comedic value of holding up Trump’s ISIS-style decapitated head would be obvious,” explained one distraught Trump-hating Griffin associate on condition of anonymity. “But for some weird reason, most people didn’t see it that way.”

“What’s the world coming to?”

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