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Bill Clinton Supporters Act Like Harvey Weinstein Is Bad For Some Reason

LOS ANGELES, CA – With Hollywood power broker Harvey Weinstein having been exposed as a prolific sexual predator who spent much of the past few decades abusing, assaulting, and raping vulnerable women by taking advantage of his power position over them, scores of Bill Clinton enablers are now coming out of the woodwork to express their “shock” and “outrage” over Weinstein’s behavior.

“This treatment of women has to stop now,” explained one aspiring Hollywood actress and/or White House intern on condition of anonymity while adjusting the vintage Clinton-Gore pin attached to her Hillary 2016 t-shirt. “We just can’t sit by and let these monsters grope, abuse, rape, and destroy woman after woman after woman with impunity. We have to take a stand!”

Big league Bubba fans and adoring Clinton defenders from Hollywood’s A-list also came out swinging against the monster that is Harvey Weinstein, while not seeming to notice the roughly 10,241 significant parallels between him and their darling Bill.

“Any man who treats women like this over the course of years and even decades reveals himself to be the most vile sort of woman-hating beast,” explained one legendary Hollywood leading lady who’s campaigned vigorously for Team Clinton since the ’90s. “Unless we’re talking about Bill Clinton, of course.”

“Then it’s totally cool.”

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