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Homeschooling Family Of 19 Accidentally Leaves Child Home Alone During Field Trip To Europe


MOSCOW, ID – A large homeschooling family’s field trip to Europe was made a little more interesting than planned when, about a week into the adventure, they realized that one of their  children had accidentally been left home alone.

Brandon and Mary Perry were in Geneva on the “history of the Reformation” leg of their family field trip with children Jesse, Josiah, Jenna, James, Julie, Joseph, Josephine, Jeff, Jill, Jordan, JoAnn, Jason, Jeanine, Jed, Judd and Jehoshaphat when they realized that something was wrong.

“Something just didn’t feel right during the first week or so when we were visiting London and Paris, but we couldn’t put our finger on it” recalled Mr. Perry. “Then it hit us: While we’d remembered to bring all of the proper clothes, tech gadgets and toiletries, we’d forgotten to pack Jack.”

Jack Perry, 11, having been immersed in biblical truth from birth and raised in a manner that made him eager to pursue maturity and manhood, seized the opportunity to maintain the family home and keep up his studies while the rest of the Perrys toured Western Europe. With the exception of some late night screenings of Chronicles of Narnia films, normal schedules were kept, cows were milked, the lawn was mowed, books were read, and journal entries were made daily.

“While there was obviously some initial shock and embarrassment, we knew that things would work out just fine,” added Mrs. Perry with warm confidence. “We arranged for church family to check in on Jack while we were away and continued on in full confidence.”

“Lord willing, we’ll remember to pack all of the children next time, though.”

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