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Michael Phelps To Star In “Sharknado 6”


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Inspired by his recent race against a digital shark on the Discovery Channel, legendary Olympics-dominating swimmer Michael Phelps has been chosen by the Syfy network to star in the sixth installment of its Sharknado film series.

“It’s such a natural fit for us,” explained Dizzy Whitless, Syfy’s Director of Shark/Tornado Hybrid Entertainment. “I mean, the guy literally raced a digital shark on television before even appearing in a Sharknado movie.”

“Who does that?”

While some had hoped that Sharknado would finally fade away after the release of Sharknado 5: Global Swarming later this year, Syfy decided to go ahead and green light Sharknado 6, tentatively subtitled “Not. Even. Kidding.”, before even seeing how part five performed.

“Look, it’s not like these flicks can ever be bad enough for us to stop making them,” added Director Whitless. “As long as there’s an appetite for Sharknado no matter how awful, stupid, and intensely vacuous the films may be, we have a duty to our fellow man to keep cranking ’em out.”

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